Gardening questions?

I added a gardening questions page to my blog you might like to check out.

My background: I’m a master gardener who loved the program so much I went back to college and earned a plant science degree from SUNY Cobleskill in ornamental horticultural. I’ve written about gardens for more than 15 years and was a garden columnist for 12. If you have a gardening question, leave a question in the comments box below and I will do my best to answer you.

I hope to do this for the growing season and as we start the new community garden.  I’m also hoping to start an insect collection online. I put together an insect collection with real insects for the master gardeners more than a decade ago.  My plan now is to do the collection online with images, identifications, and what – if anything – a gardener needs to know about the insect.

Have you been noticing the butterflies? Last week I spotted another great one: the giant swallowtail pictured below.

Happy gardening.

2 thoughts on “Gardening questions?

  1. What a great service you are offering, Natalie. When we’ve walked in the woods together, I know that you can name everything we see…. you have a breadth and depth of knowledge that are unbeatable. Thanks for offering that to us on your blog!

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