Hot Weather Tips

It is another hot day in the garden. Here are a few tips for gardening when it is hot and humid:

1 –  Try to do any chores early in the day or postpone your activities until early evening.

2 – The best time to water is early morning or early evening. Don’t overhead water when the sun is high in the sky.

3 – Water deeply. You want to encourage the roots of your plants to grow down deep into the soil. This will protect them during dry, hot spells.

4 – If possible, put a light layer of mulch around your plants. Not only will mulch keep moisture in the soil longer, but it helps to prevent weeds.

5 – Plant tough plants that can handle the heat. The plants I chose for the Welcome Circle can all handle a hot, dry spell. They are survivors. And for a garden that is in full sun all day, tough plants are the best choice. Some tough plants include marigolds, monarda, salvia, cleome, zinnias.

6- Weed when the weeds are small. Weeds compete with the desired plants for water. For those of you who asked about my favorite weeder, the  stirrup hoe… yes, it is also called a scuffle hoe.

7 – Don’t fertilizer when the temperature is above 80 degrees.

8 – Keep the gardener hydrated, too.  And know your limits. If you feel it’s too hot, humid, etc, to garden then don’t. Instead, have a ice cold drink in the shade and put your feet up. That’s what summer is about. Come back later in the day to water when the weather has cooled.

See you in the garden – Natalie Walsh

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