Herb Garden Report – Dill

I noticed the dill seed I planted in plot #41 is sprouting.

Dill (Anethum graveolens) is a member of the carrot family. In ancient times, dill was used to treat insomnia and digestive problems. The name dill means “to lull” and I was once told that during colonial times, dill was given to restless children during long Sunday services.

Today, dill is added to salad dressing, fish, vegetables, soups and used to pickle vegetables such as cucumbers.

While, I enjoy adding it to meals, I also like the way the feathery foliage looks in a garden. This is one herb that can be grown between perennials for its delicate texture and yellow flowers, which are long-lasting in a bouquet.

To grow dill, plant the seeds in full sun. Once a couple of inches tall, the seedlings pictured below will need to be thinned to one plant per every three inches.  The seedlings need to be watered regularly, but once the roots are well established, dill should only need a good soaking once a week.

What’s growing in your garden?

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