Weeds in the Garden

If you haven’t been out to the garden, you might want to come prepared with gloves and a weeding tool. With the weather we have had, the weeds are flourishing.

Here are the two main types of weeds I’ve spotted.

Several different grasses – Easiest to hand-pull when young or remove with a stirrup hoe if  you prefer to stand while working.

Lambsquarters –  This is the most prevalent weed in the community garden. It is very common weed in the Northeast perhaps because a single plant can produce more than 50,000 seeds. As you weed, be sure to get the entire root.  As it grows the lambsquarters develops a short, thick taproot. At the tender size it is now, it can easily be removed with a hoe.

Not every raised bed has weeds growing. Check out how beautiful this bed looks. Kudos to the gardener!

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