Natalie, the blogger

I’ve been writing posts about other gardeners at the Saratoga Springs Community Garden and was asked, “So why don’t you post something telling us about you?”

Good idea. Here it is.

In addition to being a master gardener and writer I’m an avid kayaker, hiker, oil painter, web designer and journalist. If I get to combine the things I love doing, so much the better.

For example, I bought Van Gogh sunflower seeds through Renee’s Seeds. These sunflowers are similar to those in Van Gogh’s painting “Twelve Sunflowers.”

I planted a row in between the bush beans in plot #44 and a few near the center of the Welcome Circle. Every time I’m at the garden, I check on them. So far, they are growing strong.

If all goes well, I will do a painting of the sunflowers. And when I do, I will share it here.

In the meantime, here are three oil paintings I recently completed.

The first is of a robin’s nest. Nests are among my favorite subjects.

The second is a still life of Native American artifacts collected by a Mohawk Valley family. The family permitted me access to the artifacts, which included baskets (the tall one in the back that dates to the 1700s) and pottery shards found locally and pieced together. The beaded belt was made by another friend.

The third painting is of an Eastern painted turtle I photographed while exploring Huddle Bay on Lake George in my kayak. Most of the turtles I approached in the boat splashed into the water as I got near. This handsome fellow just watched and I was able to take photos that I used for reference when creating the painting.

I would really enjoy hearing from readers of the blog and encourage you to leave a comment.  Thanks – Natalie Walsh

6 thoughts on “Natalie, the blogger

  1. Absolutely beautiful!!! I always said when I come back in my next life, I want to be a painter and a singer. Cannot do either. I so enjoy looking at what people create; including the gardens. Thanks for sharing.

    Joelle (service coordinator at Embury)

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