Glorious Cloudy Day

An artist friend of mine would always say the best day to see colors in the landscape is a cloudy day. That was certainly true this morning at the community garden. The gray sky really set off the colors of the flowers in the Welcome Circle, which was a joy in shades of red, pink, orange, purple and yellow.

One of the residents, Frances who lives on the 10th floor, told me she gets up every morning and looks out to the garden. “It makes me so happy,” she said.

I see that there is some leaf spot on a few different plants. There’s not much to be done about this since there is no effective control once it is evident. If it is in your plot you could try a copper fungicide or a bactericide to slow down the spread, but you might be best served by removing the spotted leaves. Do not compost them as the fungus can survive  in dead leaf tissue. If your plot is packed with plants, try to improve the air flow. That helps, too.

Garden Helpers

Several gardeners who will be away this month have asked if any other gardener would be willing to water their plots. If you wouldn’t mind doing this, let me know and I will pass along their name and plot number. And , if you need help watering let me know that, too.

Also, if you happen to be watering in the garden, turn the hose over to the new trees and give them a soaking. They need the attention. Thank you.

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