One thought on “I Brought Mom to the Garden

  1. The gardens provide more than what is growing on the plants.

    I have enjoyed listening to the older visitors talk to their younger family members about their gardens and sense that they are recalling memories of the wonderful hours they have spent in their gardens.

    The many butterflies that are going about the garden has kept me watching up close as they continually feed and sometimes with a bee on the same flower.

    Sitting quietly at the picnic table I watch the busy birds going in and out the different gardens and listen to the others fly up into the nearby trees and sing about their success at gathering the seeds on the hundreds of goose grass tops. I like this part the most because I am trying to dig those deep-rooted pests before all that seed gets into the gardens.

    There have been many people who have shared their recipes and how they use their produce and herbs. And there is a very special college student who relishes every leaf on every plant and cares for them all like a mother bird. Each taste of something just picked brings a smile and she is so happy when a cook at college prepares some of it to share with fellow students.

    This garden area has brought pleasure to so many in many different ways in such a short time. Thanks to everyone who brought the ideas forward to create a very special place.

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