Problems We Can Fix

There are a few problems at the garden.

The one that is causing the greatest concern is the stealing of fruits and vegetables. No one has the right to take from another person’s plot even if the fruit is ripe and the owner hasn’t come to pick.

Insect pests

Aphids, whitefly and the eggs of various insects can be found on the leaves of plants. The aphids are easy to deal with. Use water to dislodge them from the underside of leaves. This usually does the job.

Whitefly can be a nuisance  in numbers. Use an insecticidal soap to control.

If you find white eggs in clusters or reddish brown eggs…from what I’ve seen these are likely cabbage moth eggs and squash vine borer eggs. Remove them and throw them in the trash. Do not compost. If you have a problem you can’t identify, seal it in a plastic zip lock bag and place it near the garden’s sign with a note indicating your plot and I will identify the issue for you.

Fungal problems

There is still quite a bit of powdery mildew on squash plants. And, I’ve seen Septoria leaf blight on tomatoes and downy mildew as well.

Mildew – If you see a whitish coating on leaves and stem, remove these leaves.

Septoria – If you have yellowing leaves with brown spots, remove these leaves. Diseased leaves should not be composted. Instead, throw them in the trash.

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