Have an Idea for the Garden?

As the season draws to a close, we are looking to those who gardened at SSCG this year for ideas on how we can improve.

If you have a suggestion, we really want to know. Please write your ideas in the comments area below this post.

Here are a few of the ideas we have heard thus far:

Signs for garden plots where a gardener can ask for assistance. There could be different signs such as “Please water. I’m away.” or “Help yourself to a few tomatoes.” or “What’s this disease?” etc. Any ideas for other signs?

Leaving “available for the taking”  produce on the picnic table.

Supply all gardeners with a list of names of other gardeners. Should we share emails or phone numbers within the group?

A start-of-the-season meeting held in early Spring for all gardeners to discuss organic fertilizers and the pesticides that are OK to use in our organic garden.

A bulletin board in/on the shed for sharing information on site regarding the garden.

Vacation watering?

We would like to come up with a way to help gardeners who – for a legitimate reason –  can’t do weeding, watering, etc. Any ideas? Perhaps a sign-up sheet where a gardener can ask for help?

Thanks so much.

It is the gardeners who have made this a great season and wonderful experience.

Your commitment has been appreciated. —  Natalie Walsh

3 thoughts on “Have an Idea for the Garden?

  1. Natalie,
    I was so glad to have the opportunity to participate in the garden. Thank you! I hope I get a chance next year to be a part and continue learning and teaching as a representitive of the master gardener program. I would be glad to do whatever necessary to help others with problems, obstacles or questions. In my opinion the whole operation went very well-the blog was awesome. Looking forward to more fun next year-let me know what I can do.
    -Terri Peace

  2. Ruth Ann Messick sent this suggestion: “Possibly next year anything that is invasive should be grown in a pot set into the bed such as mint. I put small amounts of mint in my bed from someone else and am really going through the soil to get all those roots out as it sent runners everywhere.”
    Thanks Ruth.

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