Garden Conservancy Open Days


Fun for a gardener is visiting the gardens of others. It is an irresistible opportunity full of anticipation and the ideas gathered linger for years to come.

When you walk through another gardener’s garden, you observe what they have done, draw inspiration for your own garden, and enjoy the beauty, fragrances and genius of their accomplishments.

One of the best garden tours in the country is the one organized by The Garden Conservancy, who mission is to preserve America’s exceptional gardens.

I have been going on their Open Day garden tours for many years and can tell you these gardens always offer something to the viewer. I’ve seen wonderful vegetable gardens inside tall brick walls and discussed maintenance with the head gardener. I’ve enjoyed walking through the garden gates of exquisite gardens that I might not otherwise have the opportunity to see. I’ve seen shade gardens, water features, hillside terracing, orchards and more, much more.  And, I’ve drawn inspiration from these gardens for my own garden spaces.

Sometimes, the gardeners are graciously available for questions on the spaces they’ve created. It is a wonderful day.

Open Day Tours are held all over the country on different days in different cities. I was recently on their website: The Garden Conservancy to see the gardens that are open to the public this year and read a brief description of  each garden.

You can purchase tickets online (6 tickets for $25.) or on site the day of the tour for $5 cash each Open Day garden. Children 12 and under are admitted free. You may also purchase discounted admission tickets by calling toll-free, 1-888-842-2442.

Bring a camera, wear comfortable shoes, carry some water and enjoy yourselves. I know I will.

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