Garden Meeting Tomorrow

Hi everyone –

We will meet tomorrow at 10:30.

Participants in the Family Gardening Program will learn how to take care of the powdery mildew in their plots, harvest any vegetables that are ready and carry them back to the Moreau Community Center for snack.

All gardeners are welcome to come and ask questions about gardening, insects and any other concerns.

I hope to see you there. Garden Coach Natalie

13 thoughts on “Garden Meeting Tomorrow

  1. Hey! So glad to see your community garden blog! I haven’t had too much time to look around, but we are just starting ours.. as in juuuust starting. We’ve got a property with house and we just put in a few planter beds. We’re now in the process of getting a non profit status, insurance, etc. It’s all a bit of work, but soon, I think it will all pay off. Just wondering..,. we’re starting to think about how we’re going to partition our beds… does it work best to have individual plots where people can work on their own little garden, or does it work best if it’s a big group plot, as in all the tomatoes grow in one place.. etc. Does that make sense?

    • Definitely go with individual plots. Or perhaps two gardeners sharing one.

      It has been a terrific adventure for us. Keep in touch. I’d like to hear how yours progresses. Did you put the wood at the base of the fence because of wildlife?

      • Thanks for the advice! The wood in the fence is to maximize the space of the beds πŸ™‚ the front plots are going to be used by the school across the street and by a few families, like us, who have small kids πŸ™‚

      • Working with children in the garden is so rewarding. I am the garden coach for the Moreau Community Garden’s Family Gardening Program. Children and parents/grandparent work in the garden every week learning about how to grow food and how to deal with problems such as insects and diseases in an organic manner. For example, last week we did an experiment to deal with a powdery mildew issue. We are trying two different remedies to see which works better.

  2. Hey, that’s so cool! We’re going to do stuff like that and having experts come do talks and such. I’ve heard that neem oil mixed with water in a spray bottle works well!? Although, it smells so nasty! Haha! I actually grew up in New Jersey, but now living in Australia. We will be very lucky to have a year round growing season πŸ™‚

    • We use neem oil for insects. For the powdery mildew we are trying an experiment of a spray made of milk and another spray made with baking soda. When I was in the garden yesterday, both seemed to have helped.

      What’s this you say about a year-round growing season?
      I’m jealous. We garden from the end of May through most of September, though we can can frosts. The rest of the year, we dream of gardening. Haha

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