Tomato Alert – Early Blight!

I was in the garden this afternoon and noticed plot 9 has Early Blight. If that is your plot, please clean it up as soon as possible. We don’t want this disease to spread.

What does it look like? There are lesions on the leaves, stems and fruit. The lesions have concentric rings, like a target. Look for them on the stems and leaves.

What to do now: Remove the plants from the plot and place them in a plastic bag. Throw in the trash. Apply a mulch to keep the spores, which are in the soil, from splashing onto any remaining plants.

Future control of Early Blight depends on:
• crop rotation, that is not growing tomatoes in the same spot year after year.
• remove and throw away any diseased debris. Clean up is vital.
• staking to keep leaves off the ground
• mulching to protect from splashing fungi from the ground to the plant
• providing good air circulation around every plant
• weed since weeds can harbor diseases and insects.
• Water from below. If you water from above, time it so the plants dry before nightfall.

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