Finishing an Arduous Task

If you heard someone shouting from the rooftop this morning,

“I did it. I have organized my photos…all 10,000 of them.”

It was me. I’m proud of myself. It took me 3 full months but the task is done. I have that sense of satisfaction one gets when they clean the garage, empty a closet of worn clothes or clear the junk drawer. But, even more so. This was a huge undertaking.

I used Adobe Bridge to create folders, keywords and ratings. I also culled many, many images that just didn’t make the cut. 

Ahhh. It feels good. Now if you ask me about a white eggplant image I took in 2012, I can put my hands on it immediately. 

Happy. Organized. Me.

I just crossed it off my “Things to Accomplish This Summer” List. And that feels good, too.


15 thoughts on “Finishing an Arduous Task

  1. That is a wonderful feeling, Natalie!!! Great job done! I celebrate each tiny thing I check off my list (which is always growing, it seems). Congratulations!!

    • It’s true. This summer I wrote a list of 25 things I wanted to do before fall. And, slowly, I’ve been checking them off.

      I still have some to do including seeing the “bowl that washes itself” that in Native American is what the word Canajoharie means. Any suggestion on a good time of year to do this?

      Hope you are well. Natalie

      • That’s what I do first thing when I am finished taking photos. Every day I take photos is in their own folder which is numbered along with a date. Every photo in the folder is numbered with the folder number and a number of the photo and each photo named… Then each photo goes into another folder which has all the folders of individual plants. It takes a little time, but it makes life MUCH easier.

  2. I’ve been shooting digital for 7 years. I can’t count the number of photos I’ve taken over that time. I store my keepers online using SmugMug. I’ve has a spot set aside there for about 5 years. It’s not free but it has no limit on file size and number of photos stored. I routinely edit the albums as the quality of my photography has grown exponentially through the years. I’ve been a photographer for 43 years, getting my start in 1970 with 35mm film.

    My blog is mostly about photography as I attempt to be an ambassador for all things concerning the Pacific Northwest. I thank you for visiting my humble site earlier today. đŸ™‚

      • Bridge is my main organizing software. I’m on an iMac so everything is easier. Storing online prevents data loss due to computer crash, theft, fire or disaster. SmugMug backs up my photos in 3 separate locations for security. You might enjoy my best work at

      • I just checked your work out on tumbler. Your textures are amazing. I love the ducks, the reflection in the water, the yawning king of the jungle, skin on the hippo. Real beauty. Nice work.

        I’m a newbie at this having recently purchased a D7000 and thrown myself into it. It is definitely a learn as I go experience with things working sometimes and sometimes not. I’m taking an Intermediate photography course this fall at the local community college figuring the more I do it, the better I’ll get.

        Any advice on a tripod that’s easy to use and really versatile?

      • The price is sure right. I ride a touring scooter with storage under the seat. I think it will fit just right there.

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