Young Writers Garden Gathering

ywtea2Five young writers, who have been creating and revising stories in a writing workshop with me this summer, celebrated today with a Young Writers Garden Party during which they read their work, enjoyed refreshments and jumped in the pool.

yw3It was delightful and their writings were wonderful. Kudos to Leah, Rhiannon, Brecke, Julia, and Autumn.

Their writing took in all the elements we discussed during the workshop sessions including what makes a good detail and how they help a story progress, character development and the creating of a strong plot.

As a former newspaper editor and magazine writer, I wouldn’t be surprised if one day, I am reading a well-written article only to glance at the byline and see it was written by one of these talented young writers.

Young Writers, I’m proud of you and how hard you worked.


2 thoughts on “Young Writers Garden Gathering

  1. Your photo of the butterflies on cupcakes reminded me of my creative sister-in-law, Connie, who was a master baker, running a tea party business from her farm kitchen. She used to pick violets, cndy them and use them as edible ornaments on her miniature cupcakes. She also had a huge collection of antique teapots and one of a kind linen napkins that always thrilled her clients.

    • That sounds lovely. I’ve used edible flowers, too.
      Garden parties are my favorite form of entertaining. I limit the guests to about 8 people, so I can talk to everyone.
      Make great, fun food and then there’s the garden for all to enjoy.

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