From Chaos to Manageable: A Garden where Beauty Reigns

20130806_2717A friend of mine had this incredible English cottage style garden of flowers. Beautiful to look at but so much maintenance that she decided it was time to simplify.

I worked with her to create a beauty-with-brains-not-braun low-maintenance garden. It’s still in process. As of this week, beds have been dismantled, transplanting done, the ground leveled, new plans are drawn and the flower installation will occur in the Spring.

Here is an image of the garden taken this summer for you to enjoy._DSC1452

Select plants removed from their former beds will be re-planted in new locations and other low-maintenance perennials will be added. Our goal is continuous bloom but not a lot of work and this is being accomplished with careful planning, plant selections that are big bloomers but not demanding, long-lasting landscape fabric and a watering system.

Next season, the gardener will be able to pour herself a drink, put her feet up and enjoy the beauty of her garden instead of being concerned with garden work, water and weed control.

2 thoughts on “From Chaos to Manageable: A Garden where Beauty Reigns

  1. thank you, Natalie, for helping Judy … at first I thought the sidewalk and street were a lake in the background!

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