Lovely Lacemaking Tools

bobbins copy copyImagine the women ancestors of my husband who made lace and used these tools.

What were they like? Qualities such as patience, endurance, an appreciation of what is lovely, a desire to have beauty around them, dexterity, creativity all come to mind as I imagine them working on a lace collar, a tablecloth, or lace to trim curtains or a child’s dress.

I am fortunate to have a few examples of their hand-work.

While the lace they made was beautiful. So were the tools they used. This photo shows some of the dozens of bobbins that were used. Look at the different shapes and sizes. When you touch them, you get a feeling of which ones were the lace maker’s favorites as some bobbins are worn smooth as silk.

If anyone knows more about these lovely lace making tools, please get in touch.
Some are stamped “Made in France.” I’d like to know more.

One question I have is “Why so many different shapes?”

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