Shopping for Seeds…really.

I know that most folks are busy with Christmas shopping but when the Totally Tomatoes catalog arrived in the mail I stopped everything, sat down with the catalog and a cup of coffee and started studying.

And I do mean studying.

I am only interested in purchasing tomato seeds for next season that are resistant to Early Blight, Late Blight and Septoria Leaf Spot. These problems were rampant in the gardens I worked in last summer and I want to be certain that next season we get so many juicy, red, ripe tomatoes that the memory of last summer’s tomato woes is just that . . . a far memory.

Just to be clear. When seeds have resistance to a disease, it doesn’t mean they can’t get it. But rather that they are better at warding off the disease than non-resistant plants. It gives you – the gardener – a bit of the upper hand.

Here’s what I ordered:

Defiant Hybrid Tomato – the catalog states this tomato is Late Blight resistant with high-yielding 6 to 8 oz. round fruits that “combine disease resistance with great old-fashioned tomato flavor.”

Mountain Merit Hybrid – a medium to large, good slicing tomato with resistance to Late Blight and other diseases.

Jasper Hybrid – a 2013 AAS winner. This is a little tomato with big resistance to Early Blight, Late Blight and Septoria Leaf Spot. The fruit is about 3/4 of an inch, weigh less than an ounce and have “sweet, rich flavor and a pleasant creamy texture.”

My order is in. When the seeds arrive I will keep them in a cool place until early April when I will start them under lights in seed trays. They will be planted in the garden in late May.

If you don’t get the Totally Tomatoes catalog, you can visit the website:

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