Garden Schedule

Dear Gardeners —

I will be in the garden planting my tender vegetables this Thursday from 9 to 11 a.m. If you have any questions or would like company while you work on your plots, please join me.

My plan is to be in the garden on Thursdays though June, but the times will change. For example — On June 5th, I will be there in the evening. That’s our bird bath making day.

Starting in July and continuing through August, I will be in the garden Tuesdays with the children from the community center. I will present a short program on what is happening in our garden to the children that is relevant to all community gardeners. All gardeners are welcome to come and listen. After the children finish, I will give individual attention to any gardener who asks.

Get in touch if you would like the dates and times. On July 1, our first project will be making a scarecrow. So far, I have promises of a shirt, pants and burlap bag for the head. Bob LeClair is making the wooden frame. Thanks Bob. I still need lots of plastic bags to stuff with straw, a bale of straw, a hat, some gloves, a belt and boots. If you can donate something, let me know.

I hope to see you Thursday, Natalie, Master Gardener

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