Gardeners Appreciate Free Plants

_DSC0270_0924Many, many transplants of parsley, peas, thyme, sage, tomatoes, eggplants, broccoli and more were planted in the Moreau Community Garden today.

The plants were donated by the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Saratoga Springs and were appreciated by gardeners who quickly found a place for them in their beds. The Family Gardening plots are now packed with vegetables and herbs with the promise of a great harvest in the months to come. Thank you.

Once community gardeners had their fill, the remaining plants were offered to families enjoying the town park with their children. Several children walked away tenderly holding a parsley plant for their home garden. Very sweet.

What a nice day.


To the person who left the caterpillar-looking larvae in the jar under the bulletin board: It is a sawfly larvae. I recommend treating the plants you found it on with an insecticidal soap. This isn’t the same as dishwashing soap, which can harm plants. You can get insecticidal soap at a garden center. If there are only a few larvae, hand pick them off. That is an easy solution.


Gardeners, when you weed your beds or pull out sticks, etc. please don’t leave the debris in the pathways. Every gardener is responsible for keeping the pathways around their beds free of weeds, sticks and trash.

2 thoughts on “Gardeners Appreciate Free Plants

  1. Thank you for identifying the larvae I left. It was in the soil as I was planting. I will keep an eye out for them. Do they go for a particular type of plant?

    On another topic, I’m wondering if we could label the cans? Sometimes when I go to throw out trash versus organic/compost stuff, I can tell that the ‘ingredients’ have already been mixed with both.

    Thank you for this blog, Natalie. You are very informative! Sorry I missed meeting you on Sunday.

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