Our Garden Helpers


When I saw a beautiful cobalt-blue backed swallow family had taken up residence in our garden, I was happy because I knew they ate insects.

But when I read that swallows eat up to 60 insects per hour – including mosquitoes, I was over-the-moon delighted. What better way to get rid of the pesky insects. Go birds go!

Add to that the graceful, acrobatic flying and the beauty of these birds with their long, pointed wings and streamlined bodies, and you have a show to watch as you tend to your garden or sit under the trees.

According to the Cornell Ornithology Lab website, legend holds that the Barn Swallow got its forked tail “because it stole fire from the gods to bring to people. An angry deity hurled a firebrand at the swallow, singeing away its middle tail feathers.”

I guess that deity wasn’t bugged by mosquitoes.

P.S. The birdhouse was built by Bob LeClair. Thank you!

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