Moreau Community Garden Gardeners

Your help is needed.

While in the garden this morning I notice that we need to spread the wood chips over the cardboard by the squash mounds near the picnic tables, the mounds need to be weeded, too. Anyone who can give a hand, it will be appreciated.

Also, when you weed your plots, do not leave the debris in the pathways. There is a bin for plant material. Pathways should be just wood chips. Thank you.

cuke beetle damageThe Neem oil is doing its job on the cucumber beetles. The plants are looking better now. If you notice yellow and black beetles on your cucurbits, spray them directly with the neem oil. You need contact to kill. And don’t spray if the temperatures are over 80 degrees.

2 thoughts on “Moreau Community Garden Gardeners

  1. Hi Natalie,
    I spread the wood chips today. Please take a look and let me know if I need to re-do, un-do, or whatever. I can’t figure out how to send you a picture on here so I will just say that we need more wood chips. I finished what was on the lawn and threw what was left of the cardboard behind the big piece of equipment next to the maintenance fence. I know it doesn’t go there but I didn’t want it to blow away. I also finished what I could from the pile near the hose connection. There was dirt under the wood chips so I stopped when I got down that deep.
    Do you know if Nicole – bed #6 – needs a hand? I did some weeding today but she hasn’t planted anything (although I’m pretty sure she has a rouge tomato plant started! I’m happy to help. (And if I shouldn’t have weeded, a slap on the hand is in order 😉

    I met Maria and her children today as they got started on #37. So nice to see families out and enjoying the garden and park.


    • Thank you. Your help is appreciated.
      We re checking on certain plots to see if the gardeners who signed on are still interested in planting this season. Let me get back to you once we hear from everyone. Thanks again. Natalie
      P.S. Sorry I missed you.

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