4 thoughts on “One of My Favorite Fragrances

  1. Hi Natalie, Last year I thought it would be a good idea to replant some milkweed into an area of my garden at home to attract butterflies. They never blossomed and this year they are spreading fairly aggressively. Do you have any advice on what I might do with them? Would it be good for my overall yard / gardening environment if I take them out of the middle of my tomatoes (or wherever I don’t want them) and replant them in one localized area or should I just add them to my compost pile? 😉
    Thanks, Sara

    • They are a spreader. Don’t let them get established where you don’t want them to be. In my garden I pull out any that stray from a given area. I love them, but I don’t want a whole garden of them.

      We need to devise a better way to water your potatoes. I was leaving a slow trickle on for them while I weeded since watering full blast just ran off the surface. If we had a bucket that we could make holes in we could set it up on top (and between) the hills and let the water seep into the mounds.

      • Great ideas! I will get a couple of buckets and drill some holes.

        Do you have any suggestions on my broccoli? It seems to go to flower rather quickly (while the head is still small). Today I trimmed back most (using scissors from the shed, thank you) hoping that will encourage another head.

      • Definitely trim back. The secret is keeping broccoli from bolting is to cool the soil. How?

        Water frequently and mulch. If the soil stays cool, you will get good heads. The air temperature isn’t the main factor. Broccoli likes its roots cool.

        Use the wood chips to mulch.

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