Family Gardening Program – Week Seven

3week7This was the last session for the young gardeners. We harvested carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, beans and those vegetables that weren’t eaten on the spot went back with the gardeners for snack. We also picked bouquets of flowers and tried cucumber water.


It was a marvelous season. There were about 80 young gardeners participating and they were very interested in learning how to grow food.

Over the course of the summer, we planted seeds, and learned about insects and diseases that threatened the harvest. Older gardeners who were interested learned about propagation of spearmint….which they enjoyed in lemonade. The gardeners also tried vegetables fresh from the garden – such as celery, sugar snap peas, carrots, tomatoes, green beans, purple beans and broccoli.

And were treated to recipes using fresh ingredients they harvested…such as the kale chips and herbs such as basil in lemonade. And a very delicious chocolate zucchini cake! and muffins!

The enthusiasm was wonderful. There was curiosity about insects, how to save seeds from one season to the next,  and diseases on their plants. We talked about organic gardening and how to keep garden troubles away through good gardening practices such as weeding, mulching, providing air circulation and improving the soil.

It was a wonderful experience all around.

Kudos to the all the young gardeners and Miss Vicki, Miss Laurie and Miss Nancy.

Thank you, Natalie

P.S. Cucumber water is simply slices of cucumber in water. Let it sit about an hour before serving. It is a non-sugar drink that is very refreshing. Those young gardeners that liked it, really like it and asked for seconds, thirds and fourths.




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