First Day of Camp


Once again, children from the Moreau Community Center will be participating in the garden program.

Monday was the first day and these young gardeners did a tremendous job.  They transplanted dill seedlings. They tasted and harvested rapini to mixed reviews. It has a slightly bitter taste, and can be eaten raw though I personally like it best when it is sautéed with a little garlic…yum.

I was impressed that most of the seven to nine-year-olds were adventurous and willing to try something new even if it does have a funny name. Kudos.

We also weeded, harvested lettuce, and scouted for the Colorado potato beetle, which regrettably but predictably is in our garden again this year.  It was an eagle-eyed young gardener who spotted the beetle, which can do a lot of harm.

These beetles are striped black and gold and lay their orange eggs not he underside of leaves.  They are leaf eaters and can decimate a planting of potatoes, tomatoes and peppers.

Another group of young gardeners made a new scarecrow.  (I will post photos soon…it started to rain heavily before I could).

All in all it was a great start.

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