First Beds Filled with Soil!

Inch by inch, the garden is coming together. Six beds were filled with soil and are ready to be planted.  These first beds are assigned to: Andrew Shaw, Kemp and Nancy Hicks, Anne Curtin, Mark Suprunowicz, Richard and Cynthia Hart,  and Heather von Allen. You can begin to plant!

What else did we do today?

  • We built more raised beds. There are now 31 ready to go into the garden. And tomorrow, with the help of volunteers, more will be filled with soil. Tomorrow evening, I will connect with their new caretakers so they can get plants in the earth.
  • We planted another row of sunflowers.
  • We prepared the area where participants in the “Grow the Tallest Sunflower Contest” can plant Mammoth sunflower seeds starting tomorrow.
  • We laid fabric down then gravel and stone dust in the first pathways.
  • We weeded.
  • We dug a trench for a waterline on the west side of the shed to wash tools, vegetables and ourselves after a day in the soil.

Pretty impressive. Thank you Heather, Kay, three different Jims, Rich and Rich T.,  John, Cynthia, George, Cathy, Judy, Gracie, Brad, Paul, Bill, Jeanmarie, Murray, Arliss, Robert C., Kemp and Nancy, Jesse. I hope I didn’t leave anyone out.

Tomorrow,  there are tasks for volunteers. If you can, please come help.  We need painters to paint the second coat on the barn siding, helpers setting the beds and troughs in place, people to rake the soil in the beds and the gravel in the pathways, and planters to plant another row of sunflowers.

Our plan is to begin at 9 a.m. and work until it rains. Right now, the forecast calls for rain around noon.

I am truly grateful for any time you can give.

Like the song says: “row by row gonna make this garden grow.”





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