Rotary Club Awards Community Gardens $500 Grant

The Rotary Club of Saratoga Springs awarded $500 towards the drilling of a well for the Pitney Meadows Community Gardens.

Thank you from all the gardeners! We appreciate your generosity.

The drilled well provides water for all the community garden beds, which this year will number around 50 and in years to come can be as many as 200 plots.

Already members of the Saratoga community are coming to the garden, planting vegetables and joining in. The Girl Scouts created markers for the community herb garden and helped to plant a sunflower playhouse, local children have come to the garden to enter the “Grow the Tallest Sunflower Contest” and several community organizations have leased plots so that they can either garden alongside their members or grow food for the benefit of their members.

And, of course, there are the gardeners who rented plots in order to grow healthy, organic food for themselves and their families. The energy is amazing.

There are a few 4×8 raised beds left if you know someone who would like to grow food or flowers in the gardens. Click here for a Garden Application

Thank you again to the Rotary Club.  Please come visit us in the garden and see what your grant helped create.



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