Plan B

This morning I went to the farm thinking I was going to mark out the 8×12 beds so the gardeners of these large plots could start planting today.

To my dismay, the area was flooded. Screen Shot 2017-07-02 at 8.40.37 AM.png

Our farmer, Bill Pitney didn’t think this was an issue we could resolve quickly.

So we are moving to Plan B.

We will create the 8×12 in-ground plots in the northwest corner (the area I’ve been calling the berry patch). The area is higher, has water (controlled from a faucet) and will provide gardeners the opportunity to get plants in the ground swiftly.

Gus, Heather and Margie are in the garden staking these plots now. Give a hand if you can.

I will be in the garden Tuesday morning starting at 8 a.m.

Sorry to the gardeners of the larger plots for the delay.

We are truly very close now.


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