Creating a Communications Area in the Community Gardens

Screen Shot 2017-08-21 at 10.39.18 AM.png

Several gardeners have said if they knew what task needed doing when I wasn’t in the garden to ask, they would be happy to help.

(We have great volunteers.)

With that in  mind, I began creating a chalkboard communications area on the east side of the shed.  This is a rough idea of what I’m thinking.

It will be where gardeners can place insects or diseased leaves found in the garden for identification and information. And there will be list of “Things to Do” in the gardens should a volunteer have the time.

May I make a volunteer request? Can someone build a window box that is 58 3/4 inches long, 6 inches front to back and 4 inches deep? This will hold the bug jars and plastic bags for diseased leaves that need identification. If you think you can help, let me know.

This is the first task for the new volunteer board. Thank you. Natalie

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