Founding Patrons Event Well Attended

Screen Shot 2017-09-25 at 9.10.51 AM

Judith, Kathy and Bill Pitney are part of an agricultural legacy in Saratoga Springs and celebrated the farm’s story at the Founding Patrons dinner last night.  The 166-acre Pitney property was in their family since 1860 and is now the Pitney Meadows Community Farm.

Last evening, about 100 people who were instrumental in supporting the Pitney Meadows Community Farms came to see and celebrate what has been accomplished so far.

It’s hard to believe that in time measured by months, the community gardens were built, planted and flourished and the high tunnel greenhouse was constructed, barns were renovated, and fields where farmers will grow food in the future were planted to study the soils.

People commented on the extraordinary progress as they walked around looking at the renovated barn, the gardener’s shed, the field of sunflowers, the fairy village and the abundant produce in the garden beds.

It’s teamwork.

The dictionary defines teamwork as the efforts of a group of people acting together in the interests of a common cause.

Without the founding patrons, and the support they gave, this wouldn’t have been possible.

Without the dozens upon dozens of volunteers who came to help all season, this wouldn’t have happened.

Without the individual gardeners caring for their plots, the community gardens wouldn’t be bountiful.

And without the leadership to move the vision forward, this great space wouldn’t be thriving.

I am delighted to be a part of this.








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