Gardening Indoors, Dreaming of Spring

sow seed twoWhat does a gardener do when she can’t get outdoors to garden?

She gardens indoors, of course.

The snow, sleet and freezing rain of this season haven’t put a damper on my gardening spirit and today I started seedlings for the Grandmother’s garden, the Monarch garden and the Nibbler’s garden at Pitney Meadows Community Gardens.

I’m planting zinnias, milkweed, cherry tomatoes and lots of basil and dreaming of when they will be mature, blooming or ready to harvest.  Most of what I start as seeds will be done directly into the earth once the weather improves.

It’s about a month or so to when we will be able to plant tender transplants outdoors and starting my seeds in mid-April has always worked out well for me. I get a nice head start with robust plants.

By the Way: Soil temperature in the garden is about 45.  It’s time to start your peas!


Thank you to Rick H., Ed S., Jim G., Tara, Willem, Cathy and Jess for their help in the gardens on Friday.  We raked the areas for the new beds and plots, did a general clean-up, and prepared for the season.

Soon it will feel like Spring. (I hope) And, we will be ready.Ed Spring Cleaning

Speaking of ready, I labelled all existing beds with the gardener’s name on a white tag.  You should have the plot map and be able to find your space.  If you don’t have the plot map, let me know and I will send you one by email.

See  you in the garden.


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