On the Move Lunch Idea

MasonjarsaladSalad in a Mason jar?

When I googled “portable lunch no sandwiches,” this adorable idea came up.

The salad lasts for five days in the refrigerator, the dressing is on the bottom – first layer – so it is not soggy until you shake it up and it is pretty to look at. Add to that my own requirements for something easy to bring on a kayak and healthy, and this is a winner.

I made mine with red onion, carrots, celery, cucumber, peppers, lettuce, tomatoes, basil leaves and feta. You can add chicken, beans, anything you like. The key is to put the dressing in the bottom of the jar and then add the veggies least likely to absorb the dressing. In my case this was the onion, carrot and tomatoes.

I love the idea of prepping the salad once on a Sunday and then having it available in the refrigerator ready to go for the rest of the week. This could become a regular thing.

There are lots and lots of recipe ideas online. Taco salads, Greek salads, etc. Try http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/06/06/mason-jar-salads_n_5452313.html as a start.

Pretty soon I will be packing mine with veggies all grown in the garden!

Kayaking Lake George

Amazingly beautifulA day on the water with friends was just what I needed.

Mind and body have been buzzing lately.

This Spring has been a busy one. There’s a lot going on and I’m a ruminator.

In the wee hours of the morning, I think about things. I lie awake pondering possibilities before falling back to sleep.

Today cleared my mind. Lake George does that for me. I found myself thoroughly immersed in what I was seeing…the first of the yellow waterlilies, the reflection of the sun on the rocks, the turtles, the red-wing blackbirds, the frogs…the sounds of croaks and calls.

It felt so good to be in the moment, recognize the beauty and go with the flow.

I needed that.

Turtle Paintings

I worked on both of the turtle paintings yesterday. One is still in progress but – drum roll please – the other is finished.

Reminder: I took a photo of this turtle while kayaking on Huddle Bay in Lake George earlier this year. He was a brave turtle and the only one that didn’t dive into the water when he saw my boat approach. Instead, he posed on a bed of moss and let me take photo after photo of him basking in the sun.

If you are interested in purchasing this 11×14 oil painting. Contact me.

My next painting will be of old garden tools.

I like having something I’m thinking about painting while I’m still finishing up a current painting. Friends of mine have loaned/given me some old tools to use. I also have some images of contents inside garden sheds that I took on road trips.  And, I’m certainly including my favorite trowel.

In my imagination, the painting has a few watering cans (I have my Grandmother’s), terra-cotta pots with patina, a worn green cultivator (Thanks, Judy B.) and my Johnson Brothers trowel. I’d love to include a glass bell-shaped cloche should anyone have one I can borrow.

I’ll start by setting up the still life and tweaking it until I’m satisfied with the composition. I like when the eye travels from a main focal point to another point and another inside the painting. I’ll show you the photo I will work from once it is done. Meanwhile, enjoy Mr. Turtle.


This is the first season I've picked up leeches in Lake George.

I went out on Lake George. It was breezy and cool so I only stayed out an hour…but what an hour. I spotted a weasel-like creature in the water that wasn’t afraid of me even though I got close. I’m sorry to say that I am not sure what it was other than long, lean, brown and weasel-like.

I also saw a Great Blue Heron, a flock of common Mergansers, some coltsfoot growing near a shoreline and when I carried the boat up to where I was parked, I found a half dozen leeches attached to the bottom. EEEWWW. I checked myself and didn’t pick up any but it made me feel itchy all the way home.

Spent at least 30 minutes following this bird. I got some great images for a future painting.

This early spring bloomer was once widely used to treat coughs.

Explored Huddle Bay

The wind was cool and the water choppy today. Instead of venturing out too far into deep water, I explored the grassy areas of Huddle Bay. Can you see the midst in the photo? It was magical...and a little spooky.












Huddle Bay was rewarding. The Eastern Painted Turtles are out in force and very, very fast…which is why I have no photo to show you.

They camouflage so well that by the time I see them, they are on the move, then there is a splash and I feel lucky to catch only a glimpse. Most were about the size of  an adult woman’s hand. One was much larger, about the size of a dinner plate.

Other wildlife spotted today: geese, ducks, chipmunks and squirrels.

It was great.

I went out on Lake George today for my first kayak of the season.

I prepared by wearing water shoes, carrying a change of clothes (which I didn’t need), and using a yoga mat for extra insulation at the bottom of the boat and even though there was still ice along the edges of the lake, I was warm.

I credit that to the sun. The temperatures were in the 60s and there was no wind…barely a soft breeze now and then. It felt warm and welcoming.

I didn’t see wildlife except for a couple of ducks I managed to startle and another couple of ducks that startled me. I could hear Canada geese and bluejays but all in all it was a quiet first paddle of the season.

I went out for the first time this season on Lake George. The water was smooth, the breeze gentle and the sun warm. What a great start to the season.

What a delight.

Am I Crazy?

It is in the 60s today.

I’m seriously considering going kayaking on Lake George tomorrow. We hiked at Shelving Rock today and I spoke to a kayaker who was out paddling for the second time this season.  He said it wasn’t cold sitting down in the water. “Just stay dry,” he said. That’s all it took.

We stopped at EMS and I bought a pair of Attack water shoes.

I’m heading out to the garage to dust winter off “Flow” my kayak and load up the tiedowns, life vest, paddles and a yoga mat to sit on to buffer me from the chill of the water. This is the earliest date in the season that I have gone out.  (I’m smiling a big old smile). I can’t wait.

I’ll bring a camera so check back.