Totally Transformed



You wouldn’t recognize the place.

The photo on the left is what the interior of the Gardener’s Shed looked like early in the season. It was raw, dirty with gaps to the outdoors. Windows didn’t function. Pigeons called it home.

Rich Torkelson transformed the rundown, bare bones building into a beautiful shed.   There is electricity now, outlets, two beautiful doors.  One of which was made to match an antique door on one of the old Pitney barns. The attention to detail is outstanding. The craftsmanship is spectacular.

Come Spring, this little building will be ready for gardeners to use and will have counter space and storage for garden tools.

Thank you to all who had a hand in turning this worn and weary garage into the lovely space it is now.  There was a lot of scraping, caulking, cleaning, painting, scrubbing, glazing, window fixing, repairs and more that went into this. And, it shows. Our shed is beautiful.



Community Gardens Tools and Shed Report

Screen Shot 2017-09-02 at 5.59.19 PM.pngThis morning, Judy B. painted the handles of the community gardens tools a periwinkle blue.

They look nice. Thank you, Judy.

The handles are painted blue so we know where they belong.  Other parts of the Pitney Meadows Community Farm will paint their handles different designated colors so we will always know what part of the farm the tool belongs to and what shed to return it to.

Rich T. was out at the farm this evening working on the shed, where all the tools will be stored.  It is coming along and it won’t be long before we are organizing the interior.

Thank you, Rich.

P.S. I’m happy to report, the pigeons have taken up residence someplace other than the garden shed.






Creating a Communications Area in the Community Gardens

Screen Shot 2017-08-21 at 10.39.18 AM.png

Several gardeners have said if they knew what task needed doing when I wasn’t in the garden to ask, they would be happy to help.

(We have great volunteers.)

With that in  mind, I began creating a chalkboard communications area on the east side of the shed.  This is a rough idea of what I’m thinking.

It will be where gardeners can place insects or diseased leaves found in the garden for identification and information. And there will be list of “Things to Do” in the gardens should a volunteer have the time.

May I make a volunteer request? Can someone build a window box that is 58 3/4 inches long, 6 inches front to back and 4 inches deep? This will hold the bug jars and plastic bags for diseased leaves that need identification. If you think you can help, let me know.

This is the first task for the new volunteer board. Thank you. Natalie

Work on the Community Gardens Shed Progressing

Work on the community gardens shed is coming along and many hands have helped.

Rich T. restored the windows. He and Chris framed and installed the windows and door. George W. put in an entry set to secure the door from blowing with the wind. Volunteers from the Navy primed the interior and siding. Chris C. advised on what paint to use. Today, Tom G. put plywood in the former windows on the east wall. And tomorrow, I paint.

The color is white so the interior will be bright. If anyone wants to help, I will be there around 9 a.m. and hope to get one coat done Sunday and another Monday morning.

Organizing is what you do before you do something, so that when you do it, it is not all mixed up. – A.A. Milne

Once the paint dries, we can begin to organize the tools by hanging them on the east wall and tracing an outline around each tool onto the wall. That way we will all know what belongs where and if something was left in the gardens. You know, a place for everything and everything in its place.

While the east wall will be dedicated for tools, the west side will have a potting bench, storage and a library. We are still looking for a small cabinet with doors that we can use for books, a seed exchange area, a magnifying glass, etc.  If you have one that is 4 feet tall or less to donate, let us know. Small is good as space is limited. We will put it to good use.

Pigeon Update: As of yesterday, one pigeon baby had flown the coop but not the other. I’m hoping the young bird leaves soon so we can finish priming and move forward.  We are letting the birds rule the roost until they fledge. But truly, I hope they are close to leaving. Pigeons might be where the expression “dirty bird” came from as in meaning something that soils its own nest. Yuck.