Geologist Update on Rock Found in Garden Topsoil

A couple of weeks ago Kim Fonda found this rock in the topsoil.  green rockWe took images and sent them off to the New York State Museum geologist Dr. Marian Lupulescu.

His first reply asked us to see if it scratched glass.

Kim tested and it did. That told us it was quartz. We let him know and this was his second reply:

“The quartz sample could come from a pegmatite (igneous rock with very coarse crystals) or from a quartz vein from the metamorphic rocks. Both are common in Saratoga County.

“I think that the sample you have is from a pegmatite because of the black quartz (we call it smoky quartz) that is common in pegmatites. The green stuff could be the result of some lichens or algae infiltrated in the crystal through microscopic fractures.

“It is possible to find more rocks like this in the soil.” he wrote in an email.

It’s fun to know.  Keep an eye open, there may be another.