Amazing Day at Shelving Rock Falls

We wanted to do a photo hike but we didn’t want to be far from home, it couldn’t be too strenuous, and we wanted to see wildlife. So we went to Shelving Rock Falls and we weren’t disappointed.

This is the time of year when snapping turtles lay eggs and we found this one crossing into a pond.turtle

I must have had turtles on my mind when I downloaded my images because I swear it looks like a turtle’s head in the rocks in the falls. Do you see it?shelvingrock

The walk was good. We headed down to the lake at one point and sat on the boulders soaking in the beauty of Lake George. We heard an owl in the distance and waved at a few boaters out enjoying the quiet waters.

When our hike was just about done, we spotted these swallowtail butterflies. There were many around — in the air and on the roadway — but a group of three to five would flit about and then land together. They didn’t seem to mind our picture taking one bit.trio

It was a fine day in the woods with a friend. Thanks G.


A Picture Perfect Day with Carl Heilman II

Yesterday was a great summer day in a beautiful spot on Lake George, with a good friend, learning from an admired photographer.

CarilThe fun began when I reached Wiawaka for a day-long workshop with Carl Heilman, a landscape photographer I have long admired. Check out his work

He has an eye for the beauty of our Adirondack Mountains and the technical know-how to gather the information in the field and then digitally develop in his studio an image that is magnificently close to what the human eye saw while standing on the mountain, along the stream, next to the waterfall or deep in the forest.

This is the skill I want to develop and was hoping to catch yesterday. Carl helped get me closer. The workshop included information on equipment but primarily we focused on the relationship between aperture, shutter speed, ISO and how and where to focus. We talked about exposure compensation, hyperfocus, bracketing, and more.

Carl is a patient teacher answering question after question, repeating the information until all 9 of us in the room were comfortable…then we went outside to shoot.

Last night, before falling asleep, I reviewed snippets of his lectures and prayed I could remember it all.

I thoroughly enjoyed the day and when I’m in the field thinking about how to capture a particular image I hope I remember everything he said.

If not, he said we could contact him. Thanks Carl.