Our Beautiful Garden

I was walking around our garden today.

Below are photos of the different things I saw including butterflies in the Welcome Circle, goldfinches picking seeds off basil plants and the amazingly colorful vegetables and flowers we have been growing. I hope you enjoy the tour.

Full of beans!

I ran into one of my new garden neighbors, Sid Gordon, while I was planting the plot #44  this morning and he offered me a handful of  purple and green bush beans which I immediately incorporated into the garden design. Thank you, Sid.

Beans are planted down the center of the bed. Purple beans on the right, green beans to the left. In front of the beans I planted zinnias and snapdragons for color and to attract butterflies and beneficial insects. At the end of the bed, I planted parsley.

The beans should break ground in about a week.

Here’s what the bed looked like after planting. 

I noticed weeds are starting to grow. The best time to deal with them is while they are tiny. I will be out there with a hoe later to nip this problem in the bud.

Sid told me he and his wife, Helen, have seen crows picking at the seedlings. If you notice this in your plot, consider adding a flag or streamers. Sid added both to his. See below.

I ran into several other gardeners or appreciators of gardens this morning. Jim N. was tending his plot, Gloria came by wearing a cheerful red sundress patterned with daisies, Ruth stopped by to say hello and Gina and Cigne (below) planted in bed number H4.

Butterflies in Saratoga Springs

This week I spotted three different types of butterflies feeding on the lilac bushes. What a delight. The first was a Red Admiral, the next an American Painted Lady and today, a Black Swallowtail.

I’ve read that the mild winter will make this year a great one for seeing butterflies. I can’t wait to get the butterfly garden started at Wesley.  In my own garden I planted annuals to attract butterflies including zinnias, cosmos and ageratum. In addition, I will have some larval foods around — parsley and swamp milkweed.

If you have a little space in your garden you might want to do the same. Or, come join us at the Saratoga Springs Community Garden at Wesley!

Black Swallowtail

Black Swallowtail Butterfly


American Painted Lady

Two Red Admiral Butterflies.