Accessorizing Donut Seeds

powderedOne more idea:

I looked at the Powdered Sugar donut seeds and wondered, “Would confectioner’s sugar stick?” The answer is “Yes,” and the sugar makes the cereal look more like tiny powdered sugar donuts.

I added cinnamon and sugar to the donut seeds with that name, but – other then smelling nice – it didn’t have much impact on the appearance.

Donut Seeds?

I have to start out saying I am a gardener and it was a long winter.

There was a lot of time was spent thinking about the gardens, flowers, and the vegetables I would grow.

One day I was eating breakfast while going through garden catalogs and a thought floated into my head … my cereal looked like donut seeds. It made me smile and I started to play with the idea. Before long I was doodling, then I brought the idea into Adobe Illustrator and got into it. (I told you it was a long winter).

At the supermarket I noticed all the variations there are in little circular cereals and ideas for different kinds of donut seeds came into mind.

What you are seeing below are the results.  Six different packets of donut seeds designed by yours truly complete with humorous text on the back outlining the planting requirements for these seeds which – by the way –  are guaranteed not to grow.

I hope you get a giggle out of them.

They are posted as a kit on Etsy (go to and search “donut seed packets”) if you need a truly original gift or party favor for a gardener.