Vermont Garden Trip

Horsford2This time of year it is a pleasure to visit different garden centers, see what they have and add to and tweak what you are growing in your garden.

When I was in Vermont yesterday, I stopped at Horsford Gardens and Nursery on Route 7 in Charlotte, which is south of Burlington.
The nursery has been in operation for over 100 years and is well-stocked with annuals and perennials, vegetables, herbs, flowering trees, shrubs and fruit trees and conifers. There is plenty to see.

As I walked around taking photos, I found the premises to be well-tended and the plants healthy. Pictured below is one side of an area full of perennials for shade and sun. Horsford

One of the things I liked most was they test what they sell so you can be confident these varieties will withstand cold northern winters. “Our roses are the hardiest varieties, grown right here in Vermont,” the website states. Nursery hours are Monday to Sunday 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.

I bought an astilbe that has a reddish stem and an eye-popping heuchera with color that will add a touch of drama to my back garden border and a Verbena bonariensis, an annual known for attracting butterflies.

While walking around, I admired a Locust tree in full bloom. These trees are putting on quite a spectacular show this spring with an abundance of white flowers. If you get to this nursery soon, be sure to sniff the row of peony that greets visitors near the parking lot adjacent to the garden shop. Great fragrances. A treat for the nose.Horsford5

The shop sells watering cans, gifts, bulbs, bird baths, pots and more.

Horsord3It was a good stop.

If you are looking to combine this trip with another attraction: Shelburne Museum is not far away and the Open Days Garden Conservancy tours will be in the area on June 22.

Happy Gardening. Natalie