Landscape Edging, sigh

I like these cool days. I’m able to get a lot done.

There’s one job that I’ve been putting off all summer.

This is a project that needs doing and will add to the neatness of the exterior, but for which I can only muster modest…ok minimum…. enthusiasm.

On the east side of my old house, I want to put down a landscape edging, fabric and small rocks. It is my hope that this will make this usually weedy area look crisp, tidy and be forever low maintenance.

I’ve been eyeing the edging for months and thinking, “OK, before winter.”

Now the nights are getting colder…and it is time.

To begin, I clear the weeds.

Next step: dig a trench 6 inches deep where the edging will go. It’s sandy soil and this goes quickly.

Place the edging with the side with the bottom lip toward the house.

Back fill but leave a swale for water to run out.

Rake smooth.

That’s as far as I got this afternoon. Tomorrow, I will place the
fabric and use landscape staples every 5 feet to hold it in place.

Tonight, I’ll call the rock man and get a stone delivery arranged for next week. I’ll be ready.

Get project: Cleaning the garage.