Deadheading Knockout Roses

deadheadingrosesYes, I know you don’t HAVE to deadhead Knockout roses. “Their self-cleaning,” marketers say.

I know. I’ve heard that, too. And while it’s correct, it is only part of the story.

Knockouts will do fine with no deadheading. However, when you remove the roses that are past their prime, it signals the plant to begin the next bloom cycle. And that’s what I want, plenty of blooms. I don’t want seed heads.

Pleasant Morning

I was out in the garden early with a scissor and a basket. I chatted with neighbors walking their dogs, jogging and biking. The time went by quickly as I snipped off – on an angle – dozens of faded red rose blooms. When I was done with one side and moving to the next, I noticed how pretty even the faded blooms looked in the basket. Thus this photo…deadheadingknockouts

I’ll let you know when the next cycle of bloom begins.

Gardening Must-Do List for Today

This morning I’m helping a friend in her garden and then I’ll be in my garden.

Feel free to stop by with a Dunkin Donuts iced coffee (just cream) if you’d like. 🙂

Here’s what I need to do on my property.

I had a sick tree removed yesterday, the stump is gone and now I have to trim back the roots, rake and amend the soil and prepare the area for new plants.

I also need to dig up some green and white hostas along the foundation and replace them with small, smooth rocks held in with a metal edging. It is a neat and tidy look that needs no maintenance. I like that . . . who wouldn’t.

If anyone has room for an old-fashioned panicle hydrangea. Let me know a.s.a.p. as it needs a new home with six hours of sun. The blooms are creamy and attractively tinge red on the edges in the fall. I dry them and use them as Christmas decorations as they are so abundant and beautiful. UPDATE: THE HYDRANGEA IS SPOKEN FOR AND WILL HAVE A LOVELY HOME IN VERMONT.

Then, I’m hoping to head into the back 40 (feet not acres) and tend to some lady’s mantle blooms that have passed their peak. I also need to weed one area.

And, I’m thinking of a shopping trip to Toadflax (get off exit 17N and travel towards Glens Falls. It’s on the right) for some Asiatic lilies I saw earlier this week. The rosy color is perfect for near the base of a purple smoke bush.

It would add pop. I’ll post a picture later on.

See you tonight at the fireworks! Natalie