Susan Bokan Honored

Community Garden founder Susan Bokan, pictured at right, was honored with the “Tom Sawyer” Conservation Hero award at the Feast of the Fields dinner benefiting Saratoga P.L.A.N.  tonight at the Saratoga National Golf Course.

The award was presented by Barbara Glaser, Saratoga P.L.A.N.  Board Emeritus, to Susan for her Tom Sawyer-like abilities in getting so many people involved in the creation of the new community garden at Wesley in much the same way as Mark Twain’s character cajoled others into helping him paint Aunt Polly’s white picket fence.

At least a dozen of the volunteers were at the reception and raised paintbrushes in a salute to Susan for her successful project.  These included Brian Nealon, Wesley CEO; Mike Ingersoll, who design the overall raised bed plan; volunteers from the Naval Nuclear Power Training Unit in Milton and Steve Valentine who constructed the garden beds, Blogger and Master Gardener Natalie Walsh and members of the Saratoga Foundation.

In the photo above, Susan is shown receiving a hand-painted bird house.

Congratulations Susan for a job well done.

Raised Beds!

About a dozen people, including volunteers from the Naval Nuclear Power Training Unit and friends of Susan Bokan, started working on the raised beds today.

The raised beds are made of a rot resistant hemlock. The volunteers constructed the beds, moved them into place, leveled them and got them ready to be filled with soil.

Everyone worked hard and by the end of the day more than a dozen raised beds were constructed and the planting of the ‘Welcome Circle,’  a butterfly garden, was started. The garden is beginning to take shape. Hats off to the volunteers!

A crew will be at Wesley tomorrow continuing the job.

See the mound of soil in the second photo? It won’t be long before we are filling the beds and planting our first crops.