The Navy Came Through

What a great morning.

Volunteers from the Nuclear Power Training Unit in Ballston Spa came to give us a hand and were able to set beds in place, lay down landscape fabric, line the pathways with fabric, then gravel, and rake it out. They also filled the raised beds with soil and the sandbox with play sand.  What they did on one hot, humid morning would have taken us a day and a half. Thank you.

And, a thank you to all those who dropped off drinks and snacks and to Barbara for bringing lunch from the Putnam Market.  Every bit was appreciated.


The Navy is Coming to Help in the Gardens

2gardensjune282017.jpgEach day, the community gardens come together a little bit more.

We asked our Navy neighbors at the  Nuclear Power Training Unit in Ballston Spa if they could help us get the rest of the raised beds in place and they said “Yes.”

I have to tell you how this came about. Do you believe in coincidence?

When I called there was a voice directing me to dial this number for that department, and another number for another department.  Nothing sounded like what I wanted so I randomly pressed a few numbers.

I explained to the voice on the other end who I was,  what we were doing at the community farm and about the community gardens. He said, “I heard two ladies talking about that on the radio. One of them told the background story and the other talked about planting sunflowers, an art show and spaces in the gardens people could rent. As I listened I thought, ‘I want a plot.'”

I told him that I was that garden lady. And, that we needed a hand. I also shared how to get an application online.

That fellow directed me to the right person and later in the day Leading Petty Officer 1st L.T. office Rich Kietz returned my call and said Navy volunteers would be in the garden on Friday.

They will be helping us set more beds in place, which means a lot of raised beds should be completed by the weekend.

Amazing isn’t it that the fellow on the other end of the line heard about the gardens on WAMC and knew who I needed to speak with!