Judy Brunner’s Mini Farm

Screen Shot 2017-07-20 at 12.53.36 PM.pngThe Saratogian has an article on Judy Brunner’s mini-farm.

Judy, an artist and retired Saratoga Springs teacher, grew up on a farm and knew just the right touches to add to her mini-farm.

You can link to the article here:  Saratogian Mini-farm

On Saturday, the farm will be set up and ready for adults to see and for children to come and play.


Sunflower Contest

Screen Shot 2017-06-28 at 6.24.56 PM.pngSo far, seven young people have planted Mammoth sunflower seeds for our “Grow the Tallest Sunflower” contest.

If you would like to enter, come to the farm, 235 West Avenue, between 3 and 5 Thursday or Friday or from 9 to noon on Saturday and plant your seeds. There are free seeds for you to grow.

I hope to see you in the garden.


This was an Extraordinary Day

About 50 volunteers rolled up their sleeves for the Pitney Meadows Community Gardens today and so much was done.

Here are the highlights: 25 of the 35 4×8 raised beds were built, the irrigation system was started, grading was continued, glass and other artifacts were picked up from of the garden, picnic tables were clear coated, sandwich boards were painted, the soil was mixed with peat moss to ready it for going into the beds, the sunflower chart stem was painted, the landscape fabric was cut to size, beds were placed near where they will be staked into the ground and everyone was happy, laughing and smiling.

It was a great experience of coming together for a common cause. Today put the community in our gardens.  Thank you to Murray and Arliss for providing refreshments, Cathy Allen for her sandwich run to get lunch for everyone, Kim for her donations of tools and sandwich boards, and even baby Cora – who will be two years old tomorrow – for pitching in and carrying a very large bucket.

Ccora.jpgEven when I went over to Trak Equipment to rent two augers to drill holes for the raised bed stakes, the owner, Brian Wilson, wouldn’t charge us.

“Tell you what,” he said, have me over for fresh garden “tomatoes and a salt shaker”  this summer. Deal.

Thank you to everyone.  Here are photos for you to enjoy that show the camaraderie of the day.  I don’t know about anyone else, but l left bone tired and smiling, deeply satisfied.

We will be back in the garden tomorrow morning around 9 to continue. Join us if you can.

And I’ll see you in  the garden, Natalie

First Day of Spring


I drove to Pitney Meadows this morning to greet the first rays of spring sunshine on the trees and snow covered fields.

As I gazed out, I thought of how I don’t know this land yet. And with the snow about a foot deep, introductions will have to wait. Soon (I hope) we will begin the learning process.

What weeds grow here? What is the soil like? What insects will there be? What birds will visit? What critters call this home?

I’m looking forward to all that will come. Just as I am looking forward to the greening of Spring.