Gardening Must-Do List for Today

This morning I’m helping a friend in her garden and then I’ll be in my garden.

Feel free to stop by with a Dunkin Donuts iced coffee (just cream) if you’d like. 🙂

Here’s what I need to do on my property.

I had a sick tree removed yesterday, the stump is gone and now I have to trim back the roots, rake and amend the soil and prepare the area for new plants.

I also need to dig up some green and white hostas along the foundation and replace them with small, smooth rocks held in with a metal edging. It is a neat and tidy look that needs no maintenance. I like that . . . who wouldn’t.

If anyone has room for an old-fashioned panicle hydrangea. Let me know a.s.a.p. as it needs a new home with six hours of sun. The blooms are creamy and attractively tinge red on the edges in the fall. I dry them and use them as Christmas decorations as they are so abundant and beautiful. UPDATE: THE HYDRANGEA IS SPOKEN FOR AND WILL HAVE A LOVELY HOME IN VERMONT.

Then, I’m hoping to head into the back 40 (feet not acres) and tend to some lady’s mantle blooms that have passed their peak. I also need to weed one area.

And, I’m thinking of a shopping trip to Toadflax (get off exit 17N and travel towards Glens Falls. It’s on the right) for some Asiatic lilies I saw earlier this week. The rosy color is perfect for near the base of a purple smoke bush.

It would add pop. I’ll post a picture later on.

See you tonight at the fireworks! Natalie

Where was I This Morning? In the Garden…Where Else?

1 - May 28This morning was spent working at the Moreau Community Garden. I was planning to get more vegetables into the ground but when I arrived the beds had not been cleared of large debris, topped with compost or raked level.

So I got to work alongside Jeremy and Kevin, who work for the Recreation Department. They added compost and we raked pulling out large sticks, bits of plastic, bags, scraps of metal, rocks, etc. that littered the compost.
3 - Ma6 28

Together we got the 15 beds in shape for planting, which will be done Thursday morning.

And there are a quite a few plants waiting to be planted. Temporarily, I covered pots of endives, snap peas, lavender, lettuces and more with soil in a front bed to keep the roots moist until Thursday when these and other plants will be move to their permanent growing positions.


There are so many tomatoes, I think we should have a tomato test taste later in the season to determine which we like best. Thank you Murray Penney from the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Saratoga Springs for the donation and for growing such healthy plants. These are beauties.

And thanks to Toadflax Nursery which donated some sweet cherry tomatoes just the right size for children to sample. Andy, who works there, was great in helping me find just the right ones. We picked ‘Yellow Pear’ for the fun shape, color and taste and ‘Red Grape’ for the size, shape and taste. I can already imagine children picking tomatoes warmed by the sun as a sweet treat.

We need a few trellises to grow the tomatoes, cucumbers, peas, etc on and we need a compost pile.

I also have two giant pumpkin plants, which already sport leaves the size of a saucer. Jermey volunteered to bring some rotted cow manure to the garden by Thursday as that is the recommended medium for growing a really big pumpkin. And, I’m hoping we can grow a REALLY big one.

If anyone has experience growing giant pumpkins, I’d love to talk with you about how to help these two plants reach mammoth proportions.

Square Foot Gardening

Once we plant, you will see the beds divided into squares. This is the start of a square foot gardening plan that I recommend for new gardeners. It eliminates the question of how close to plant as each 12 x 12 square has a designated number of plants depending on the vegetable being grown. No guess work! And the other reason I like it is you can immediately tell by looking at the square if there is a weed growing as it will not be in the pattern you planted. Makes life easy for new and old – I mean, experienced gardeners.

It is going to be a great season.

Look for me in the garden Thursday at 9 a.m. It is not too late to join the fun, plots are still available. Call Town Hall: (518) 792-1030

When you come Thursday, bring trowels and the plants you want to grow. I have some seeds and plants to share, too.

Natalie Walsh, Garden Coach