Gardening Must-Do List for Today

This morning I’m helping a friend in her garden and then I’ll be in my garden.

Feel free to stop by with a Dunkin Donuts iced coffee (just cream) if you’d like. 🙂

Here’s what I need to do on my property.

I had a sick tree removed yesterday, the stump is gone and now I have to trim back the roots, rake and amend the soil and prepare the area for new plants.

I also need to dig up some green and white hostas along the foundation and replace them with small, smooth rocks held in with a metal edging. It is a neat and tidy look that needs no maintenance. I like that . . . who wouldn’t.

If anyone has room for an old-fashioned panicle hydrangea. Let me know a.s.a.p. as it needs a new home with six hours of sun. The blooms are creamy and attractively tinge red on the edges in the fall. I dry them and use them as Christmas decorations as they are so abundant and beautiful. UPDATE: THE HYDRANGEA IS SPOKEN FOR AND WILL HAVE A LOVELY HOME IN VERMONT.

Then, I’m hoping to head into the back 40 (feet not acres) and tend to some lady’s mantle blooms that have passed their peak. I also need to weed one area.

And, I’m thinking of a shopping trip to Toadflax (get off exit 17N and travel towards Glens Falls. It’s on the right) for some Asiatic lilies I saw earlier this week. The rosy color is perfect for near the base of a purple smoke bush.

It would add pop. I’ll post a picture later on.

See you tonight at the fireworks! Natalie