Turtle Paintings

I worked on both of the turtle paintings yesterday. One is still in progress but – drum roll please – the other is finished.

Reminder: I took a photo of this turtle while kayaking on Huddle Bay in Lake George earlier this year. He was a brave turtle and the only one that didn’t dive into the water when he saw my boat approach. Instead, he posed on a bed of moss and let me take photo after photo of him basking in the sun.

If you are interested in purchasing this 11×14 oil painting. Contact me.

My next painting will be of old garden tools.

I like having something I’m thinking about painting while I’m still finishing up a current painting. Friends of mine have loaned/given me some old tools to use. I also have some images of contents inside garden sheds that I took on road trips.  And, I’m certainly including my favorite trowel.

In my imagination, the painting has a few watering cans (I have my Grandmother’s), terra-cotta pots with patina, a worn green cultivator (Thanks, Judy B.) and my Johnson Brothers trowel. I’d love to include a glass bell-shaped cloche should anyone have one I can borrow.

I’ll start by setting up the still life and tweaking it until I’m satisfied with the composition. I like when the eye travels from a main focal point to another point and another inside the painting. I’ll show you the photo I will work from once it is done. Meanwhile, enjoy Mr. Turtle.

Old Garden Tools

If you are a gardener, it is likely you have a favorite tool. Mine is a little trowel made by the  Johnson Company in Newark New Jersey. It is narrow, fits in my back pocket when I’m working and in my hand like it was made for me.

I was looking at it recently and thought it would be nice to do a painting of old garden tools alongside some terra cotta pots, etc. I did something similar with Native American artifacts.  A collector invited me to come, take photos of the baskets and artifacts he had. I set up a still life at his home. Took photos. And worked from those photos to do the painting.

I asked some fellow gardeners today if they had old garden tools that I could photograph. I’m hoping someone does.

I think there’s beauty in well-made tools like this…and a wonderful patina that only age brings.

This trowel has Wm. Johnson stamped on it. I think it has to date to at least the 1950s. What do you think?