Moreau Community Garden Gardeners

Your help is needed.

While in the garden this morning I notice that we need to spread the wood chips over the cardboard by the squash mounds near the picnic tables, the mounds need to be weeded, too. Anyone who can give a hand, it will be appreciated.

Also, when you weed your plots, do not leave the debris in the pathways. There is a bin for plant material. Pathways should be just wood chips. Thank you.

cuke beetle damageThe Neem oil is doing its job on the cucumber beetles. The plants are looking better now. If you notice yellow and black beetles on your cucurbits, spray them directly with the neem oil. You need contact to kill. And don’t spray if the temperatures are over 80 degrees.

Work Day Tomorrow

I Love Community GardensHi Gardeners –

I will be in the garden tomorrow from 9 to 11 a.m. roto-tilling.

Everyone needs to turn the beds before planting to mix in the manure we placed on top of the beds last fall. If your bed has weeds in it, pull them out first.

All gardeners are welcome to come help get the garden in order. We are renting a rotor-tiller and gardeners can roto-till their plots. If you can’t be there, let us know you would like this job done. We will take care of it.

Also, be sure to weed not only your plot but the pathway around it to keep destructive insects that hide in weeds away from your crops.

I am bringing seeds to share. If you have seeds you won’t be using, a seed exchange box will be set up on a picnic table.

Hope to see you in the garden tomorrow.

Natalie, Master Gardener

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